Bartlett/Jackson Transfer Station

Fri-Tue 12pm to 6pm
Closed Wed-Thu
Closed Christmas Day



Due to the potential for spreading the COVID 10 virus, the Transfer Station will NOT be accepting clothing for Planet Aid and the Dump Store will be closed. We will also be practicing social distancing, so please excuse our long distance interactions and possible yelling of directions to you.

UPDATE – Tuesday, March 24, 2020 will be the LAST DAY for the immediate future that the Bartlett Transfer Station will be accepting any items that you must PAY A FEE to deposit such as TV’s, refrigerators, construction debris, etc. in order to minimize person to person contact for the protection of the public and our employees. For the time being, Bartlett will continue to accept and require mandatory recycling as well as regular household trash.

UPDATE – Friday, March 27, 2020 -Transfer Station stickers are MANDATORY.

The recent adherence to displaying a transfer station sticker is not a new policy – residents and taxpayers have always been required to display a sticker when using the facility.

Due to some facilities closing and/or going to limited hours, people from other areas or states are coming to the Bartlett Transfer Station and attempting to use our facility.

We want to make sure that the Bartlett portion of the Transfer Station is used by Bartlett residents and taxpayers only. The only way to ensure this is through the proper displaying of a Transfer Station sticker. Our attendants cannot be expected to know everyone.

No Bartlett resident or taxpayer will be denied the ability to dump once, however, you will be asked to make sure to get a sticker for future visits. You may obtain a sticker by getting a form at the Transfer Station or to the right of the front door at the Town Hall or they are on our website at Attendants CANNOT issue stickers, they do not have them. Fill out the form and either mail it in or leave it in the mailbox outside the front door of Town Hall (not the one at the road) and your sticker will be mailed to you. Be sure you have provided your mailing address on the form.

Your cooperation in these trying times will help us all get to the end of this crisis.





New items to recycle as of February 15, 2019, the Bartlett Jackson Transfer Station now recycles OFFICE PAPER. This DOES NOT include window envelopes or shredded paper. Office paper will be deposited in one of the two small windows by the cardboard window. Window envelopes and shredded paper (preferably in brown paper bags) will be deposited in Window #6.

Also, newspaper and inserts (NOT bundled) are now being actively recycled. Loose newspaper and inserts should be deposited in the other small window by the cardboard window.

If you have any questions, the attendants can help you.

Remember – RECYCLING IS MANDATORY – and saves money and the planet!

Your cooperation is appreciated.




Transfer Station stickers can be obtained from the Town Clerk/Tax Collector’s office and complete information regarding recycling comes with the sticker.

Questions regarding the Transfer Station should be directed to the Selectmen’s Office at (603) 356-2950.


Transfer Station Sticker Application

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Last updated: March 27, 2020