Update on the Assessment Update 10/16/2017

We are in the final phase of the assessment update that is required by the NH Dept. of Revenue Administration. Property owners were sent their new values on October 12, 2017. Please allow time for the postal service to deliver your letter before calling our office.

You may review your assessment breakdown by going to the website of our assessing firm, Avitar Associates, at www.avitarassociates.com . Once you are there, look for the list of tabs across the top and click on “Online Data” (middle of the page) and you will see a drop down menu. Click on “Log On” which will take you to the log on page. Be sure the “Subscriber” button is checked (black) and type in the username Bartlett and the password bartletttwn. Please be sure to type in the password correctly as many people are missing the three t’s in a row. Then click on the Log In button. This will take you to a page where you click on the word Bartlett and it will take you to the database. You can look up by your name, your parcel ID, or street location by going to the “Searches” tab in the upper left and clicking on the appropriate drop down menu.

When reviewing your assessment, please remember that although it is broken down into land and buildings (in most cases), it is the total value that you must consider whether it represents fair market value. For example, we could have the land at $1,000 and the house at $199,000 for a total value of $200,000. As long as the total value of $200,000 fairly represents market value, it makes no difference how it is broken down. The amount of increase or decrease over last year also does not make any difference, but whether the current total assessed value represents what you could get for your property if it were for sale today.

If you want to see a listing comparing the new assessments versus the old assessments, go to the “Town Offices” tab at the top of this page, click on “Selectmen’s Office” and it is located on that page under “Assessment Update 2017″ in either Parcel Order or Owner Order.  Hard copies are also available for review at Town Hall during normal business hours.

Please note – you should NOT multiply your new assessment by last year’s tax rate as it will produce an erroneous tax amount due to many factors. Again, we are looking at whether your total assessed value is fair and equitable as compared to other similar properties in town.

As indicated in the letter, if you feel that an error exists, you should call the Town Hall at 603-356-2950 between 8am-1pm Monday-Friday. We will try to help explain things to you or we will schedule an appointment to talk with an Avitar representative either by phone or in person. YOU MUST HAVE AN APPOINTMENT – NO WALK INS PLEASE. And please be courteous to our staff when expressing your concerns.

Recycling is Mandatory at the Transfer Station


The Bartlett Jackson Transfer Station Committee would like to remind residents and commercial businesses in the Towns of Bartlett and Jackson that recycling is mandatory at the Transfer Station. The list of the recycled items is elsewhere on this website under the Transfer Station tab. Recently, there seems to have been some confusion on who should recycle and who doesn’t need to. The answer is simple – EVERYONE NEEDS TO RECYCLE IF THEY ARE USING THE BARTLETT JACKSON TRANSFER STATION.

If you do not want to recycle, then you will need to make other arrangements through private haulers for the disposal of your trash.  If you have any questions, the attendants can assist you.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter!

Bartlett Jackson Transfer Station Committee


Due to proposed construction of homes at the end of West Ledge Road and thus anticipated heavy construction truck use, the reclaiming and repaving of West Ledge Road has been postponed until 2018.  Short term repairs will be made in the interim.  We are sorry for the inconvenience but the end result will be a far better product.