Town Clerk / Tax Collector

(603) 356-2300
(603) 356-2300
8AM-4PM - CLOSED 12:30-1:30PM EACH DAY
Closed Thurs. - Sat. -Sun.
56 Town Hall Rd.
Intervale, NH 03845
56 Town Hall Rd.
Bartlett, NH 03812

Cheryl Nealley – Certified Town Clerk-Tax Collector


Services: Vehicle registrations, birth, death, marriage certificates, voter registration, dog licenses, and payment of tax bills.


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To pay taxes on line visit our portal here.



For election forms, visit the Secretary of State site .


Absentee ballots for the General Election on November 3, 2020 are NOW AVAILABLE.  If you need to fill out an application for an absentee ballot, please use the link below.

For an absentee ballot application:

Absentee Ballot Application 2020

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Governor’s Executive Order #43 allows for voters to change their party affiliation by other means than in person. Below is a form for doing it by mail:

Party Affiliation Change Form

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1) Click on the “EREG” icon above – have your old registration handy and your bank routing number and checking account number (found at the bottom of your checks)

2) Enter plate #, plate type and last 4 digits of your VIN #

3) Enter your checking account information

I will mail you your registration and decals.


You can use the new Walk Up Window – DRIVE AROUND BACK and you will see the new entrance.   Hours starting August 31 are M/Tu/W/F from 8am-12:30pm and 1:30pm – 4pm.  Please observe proper social distancing while waiting in line and please wear a mask for the protection of our staff.

If you have any questions call 356-2300


New hours effective AUGUST 31, 2020:


8AM – 12:30PM AND 1:30PM-4PM



Dogs should be registered by April 30, 2020.  If you have not registered your dog, please do so immediately.



Copies of your tax bill can be obtained from the tax kiosk at




In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Town of Bartlett has closed the Town Hall to the public, however staff will be available to transact business during normal business hours as best we can. Many transactions can occur online, so please check throughout this website  first before contacting offices.

In order to conduct business, we are using the following procedures:


Car registrations – All renewals can be done by calling the office or online.  If you need to do it in person, please use the new Walk Up Window at the back entrance.  Please email at or call (603) 356-2300 for instructions.

Property Taxes – these can be paid online at or by mail. If you need other information, please email at or call (603) 356-2300.  The 2020 tax bills will not be available until November.

Transfer Station stickers – application forms are on our website and can be obtained by mail by including a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Forms are also available at the front door of the Town Hall.  Stickers can be mailed to you or you can get them at the walk-up window. There is no fee for the sticker.

Birth or Death Certificates – These can be done online via the Vital Records button. Please email at or call (603) 356-2300 for further instructions.

Marriage Licenses – These will be done by appointment only, so please email at or call (603) 356-2300.

Dog Licenses – If you registered your dog last year, it can be done online via the Dog Licensing button and you will need your dog’s license number from last year. For new registrations, please email at or call (603) 356-2300 for further instructions.




2020 Election Results

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2020 Primary Results 2/11/2020

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