Bartlett Selectmen’s Office

(603) 356-2950
Monday thru Friday 8AM-1PM
56 Town Hall Rd.
Intervale, NH 03845
56 Town Hall Rd.
Bartlett, NH 03812

Dates and times of Selectmen’s Meetings may vary, however, they are currently meeting on Monday afternoons from 3:45pm-5:00pm. Please call the office to find out the meeting schedule and to get on the agenda. Special times can be arranged for people who cannot attend a regularly scheduled meeting. The staff cannot attend to normal business during the Selectmen’s Meeting, so please plan accordingly. Please note that all documents submitted to the office must have original signatures (no faxes or emails) and become part of the file.

Services: Assessment of property and tax abatements, building permits, permits to occupy and zoning issues, requests for aid, health officers, road maintenance, and other general government issues.

Previous years’ minutes can be downloaded at our Selectmen’s Minutes Download Page

The listings shown here may or may not have had changes made to it since printing. Please verify information with the Selectmens Office.

Current Board of Selectmen

Gene G. Chandler

Vicki L. Garland

August D. Vincent



In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Town of Bartlett has closed the Town Hall to the public, however staff will be available to transact business during normal business hours as best we can. Many transactions can occur online, so please check throughout this website first before contacting offices.

Assessment cards, property file information, or any other information from our office can be obtained by emailing us at or calling (603) 356-2950 for more information and how to obtain it. Deeds can be obtained from (Carroll County) and septic plans are available from NH Dept. of Environmental Services website at Most application forms are on our website so please check the Documents section first before contacting our office.


Selectmen’s Meetings are currently suspended and they will NOT be meeting during the COVID 19 outbreak.  If you have an emergency or question the Board needs to address, please either send an email to or call the office at (603) 356-2950.


River Flood Project Update – July 1, 2020



The first draft of the Saco River Flood Hazard Reduction Study is complete and available below. Unfortunately, due to the COVID 19 pandemic and its associated restrictions, we cannot have a public meeting at this time.

The public comment period has ended.

Board of Selectmen
Gene G. Chandler
Vicki L. Garland
August D. Vincent

Saco River Flood Hazard Study (Draft)

19.25 MB 128 downloads



The 2019 tax bills were mailed December 5, 2019. Please allow time for them to be delivered before calling for a copy. They are available to view and pay online at

They were due by January 7, 2020.

Questions about assessments should be directed to the Selectmen’s Office in writing. Abatement forms are available from the Selectmen’s Office or on this webpage.



If you are in need of financial assistance, please complete the form below and submit it to the Selectmen’s Office.  An appointment will be scheduled to discuss your application once we have received the completed form.

Request for Assistance Form

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2020 Town Meeting Results

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2019 Town Report

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Timeline for Town Meeting 2020

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Tax Rate 2019

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2019 Abatement Instructions

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2019 Abatement Form

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Change of Address Form

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Veterans Credit Qualifications

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Elderly Exemption Qualifications

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RFP Saco River Flood Hazard Study

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2019 Town Meeting results

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2018 Town Report

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2019 Budget and Warrant

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Getting Articles on the Warrant

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Tax Rate 2018

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Owner Listing 2018

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Map/Parcel Listing 2018

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Street Listing 2018

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Hazard Mitigation Plan 2018

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2018 Warrant and Budget

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View Factors

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2017 Owner Listing

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2017 Parcel Listing

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2017 Street Listing

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2017 Tax Rate Summary

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2017 Assessment Update Manual (USPAP)

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Special Events Info

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2015 Owners in Alphabetical Order

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2015 Map/Parcel Order

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2015 Street Listing

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Town Report 2015

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Raffle Permit

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2016 Owner Order

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2016 Parcel Order

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2016 Street Order

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2016 Abatement Form

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2016 Tax Rate Summary

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2016 Town Report

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Town Report 2017

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Flood Update 05/11/2018

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Flood Damage Update 7/24/2018

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River Visits Reports August 2018

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Site Inspection Report 9/6/18

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Flood Repair Update 10/01/2018

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Selectmen Minutes 03/25/2019

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Last updated: July 2, 2020