Bartlett Conservation Commission

Mailing address: 56 Town Hall Rd., Intervale, NH 03845

Office Location: 56 Town Hall Road

Phone: (603) 356-2950 to leave a message

Services: Review dredge and fill applications, wetlands applications, and general environmental conservation. Meets the second Wednesday of the month as necessary.


Vacancy                              Term expires 2017

Daryl Mazzaglia, Chair      Term expires 2018

Vacancy                              Term expires 2018

Nancy Oleson                     Term expires 2019

Chris Fithian                       Term expires 2019

Mission Statement

The Bartlett Conservation Commission was created in 1992 to protect and conserve the town’s natural resource inventory, pursuant to the provisions of New Hampshire Statute RSA 36-A. The Commission works with public and private agencies to review any alteration of land in the town of Bartlett that impacts water quality, wetlands habitat, and biodiversity. We strive to be an educational resource for Bartlett property owners seeking sound conservation practices.

The Commission is committed to the conservation of natural resources that define Bartlett as a great place to live, work, and visit. These include, but are not limited to, clean water, healthy forests, access to open space, and the awareness of invasive species proliferation. The Commission places special emphasis on the long term monitoring of water quality in the Saco River and has participated in the NH DES VRAP (Department of Environmental Services Volunteer River Assessment Program) since 2004. Bartlett’s location as the first population center on the upper reaches of the Saco makes our stewardship of this river especially important. We have the responsibility to protect this vital resource not only for Bartlett but for our neighboring downstream communities as well.