Winter Regulations





The Selectmen want to remind residents of the town winter regulations:

  • No parking is allowed on any town roads and cars will be towed if they are blocking snow removal. This parking ban is on 24 hrs. a day seven days a week until May 1.
  • You may not plow or snow blow across or into a town road. This leaves humps and ruts in the road and creates a safety problem for the snowplow operators.
  • As a courtesy to our residents, there is a sand/salt mixture pile available at the Town Hall for Bartlett residents to pick up a bucket or two for their driveways only. Commercial operators are not allowed to take this.   Under no circumstances should anyone be taking salt (which is in the shed) or accessing the large sand pile due to safety and access reasons.
  • The town is not liable for any damage to objects that are placed within the town’s right-of-way such as mailboxes, fences, etc.

Your cooperation in complying with our regulations is appreciated.

                                                            Board of Selectmen

                                                            Gene G. Chandler

                                                            Vicki L. Garland

                                                            August D. Vincent

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