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Thank you to all of our great workers who volunteered to help with the Primary held on September 8, 2020 not only during the COVID pandemic but the new location at the Glen Fire Station. There was a lot of preparation, teamwork, and long hours, but from what we have heard, it went as smoothly and as safely as we could make it.


Moderator Norman Head                                       Phil Franklin

Assistant Moderator Becky Jefferson                  Julia King

Town Clerk Cheryl Nealley                                     Pat Higgins

Lynn Jones, Admin. Asst.                                       John Higgins

Gail Paine, Supervisor of Checklist         Sandra Himmelwright

Sheila Glines, Supervisor of Checklist              George Ryan

Elaine Ryan, Supervisor of Checklist       Cathy Poppenweimer

Mary Miller                                                               Annette Libby

Tom Enos                                                                  Dylan Murphy

Marge Enos                                                               Corinne Ray

Paula Graham                                                           Mark Ray

Sue Franklin                                                             Gail Doktor

Kathleen Sullivan Head


We would also like to thank the Bartlett Jackson Ambulance Service, Bartlett Police Department, Bartlett Highway Crew and Fire Chief James Langdon for their assistance with pulling off a smooth primary election despite all the hurdles presented by the current pandemic.

See you at the General Election on November 3, 2020 at the Josiah Bartlett School.


Board of Selectmen

Gene Chandler

Vicki Garland

August Vincent