Flooding Update 11/20/2017

The Selectmen have met with the Governor, FEMA and NH Homeland Security to review the flood damage and submitted our estimated cost of damage.

Damage was done to the berms on the Saco River in Bartlett Village and the Rocky Branch River in Glen. Damage was also done outside of the berm areas in both locations.

We have had an on site visit to the berm upstream of the Saco River Bridge on River Street from the Flood Hazards Program Administrator from the NH Dept. of Environmental Services and have received an initial report from him

We have reached out to the NH Homeland Security office seeking advice on how we and they are planning to proceed on the affected river areas and are awaiting their response.

At this time we are awaiting word on whether the recent event will receive a disaster recognition allowing us to become eligible for federal funding. We are hopeful to receive funding to not only repair our roads, bridges and river berms but also expand the work in the rivers to provide more protection for future events.

The Selectmen would like to thank all of those involved in the immediate event and its cleanup. Town of Bartlett Road Agent Travis Chick and his crew, State of NH road crews, Bartlett Fire Chief Pat Roberts and Department Members, Emergency Management Director Bob King, Bartlett Jackson Ambulance crew, NH Electric Co-op crews, Bartlett Police Department, The Red Cross, The Governor and his emergency management team, FEMA and anyone else who has helped in this effort.

Update on 2017 Assessment Update


The period for changes to assessments has closed as of November 2, 2017. The process from here is that the town will be submitting this information to the state for review and the new tax rate will be set in the next few weeks with tax bills to follow. You have 30 days from the date of the tax bill to pay before interest will begin to accrue.

AFTER the tax bill comes out, if you still feel you are aggrieved by the assessment, you may file for an abatement prior to March 1, 2018. The forms will be available on our website, by mailing a self-addressed stamped #10 envelope to the Selectmen’s Office, or by picking one up at the Town Hall. Filing an abatement does not stay the collection of the tax bill. The tax bill is due and payable as presented. Therefore, if you plan to file an abatement, we suggest you pay your tax bill because if you don’t, interest will begin to accrue, however, it is your option on whether to pay or not.

The manual that explains the methodology of how the assessments were determined is on our website or at the Town Hall.

Any questions regarding assessments should be directed to the Selectmen’s Office preferably in writing either by mail at 56 Town Hall Road, Intervale, NH 03845 or by email at selectmen@townofbartlettnh.org.

Have you been affected by the storm of 10/30/2017?


Any resident who sustained any damage needs to call 211 and register with the State of NH.

At this time this is an information gathering process to determine IF we will qualify for assistance funding.

Registering is not a guarantee that you will receive any funding and again, this is an information gathering process at this point in time to add up all of the damage to see if the Town will qualify for assistance.

If any resident’s place of residence sustained damage and needs assistance with temporary lodging, the Red Cross can be reached at 800-464-6692.