Have you been affected by the storm of 10/30/2017?


Any resident who sustained any damage needs to call 211 and register with the State of NH.

At this time this is an information gathering process to determine IF we will qualify for assistance funding.

Registering is not a guarantee that you will receive any funding and again, this is an information gathering process at this point in time to add up all of the damage to see if the Town will qualify for assistance.

If any resident’s place of residence sustained damage and needs assistance with temporary lodging, the Red Cross can be reached at 800-464-6692.

Disposal of Storm Damage Debris


The Town of Bartlett Board of Selectmen have agreed to allow any Bartlett property owners who suffered storm damage to their property on October 30, 2017 to dispose of the debris at the Bartlett Jackson Transfer Station at no charge. HOWEVER, you must follow the procedure they have set forth in order to not pay for disposal.


Property owners must go to the Town Clerk-Tax Collector’s Office (see hours listed below) to get a Hauler Permit and you will be given certain time periods during which you can dispose of the debris. Please place the debris where the attendants direct you. If you fail to follow this procedure, you will have to pay to dispose of the debris or you may be refused access to dump. We cannot accept entire structures nor hazardous materials, but will take items that were stored in basements or property that was water damaged by the flooding. If you have any questions, please contact the Selectmen’s Office at (603) 356-2950 or by email at selectmen@townofbartlettnh.org.


Town Clerk-Tax Collector Office Hours:

Monday – 7AM-6PM (closed 12:30-1:30PM)

Tues./Wed./Fri. – 8AM-4PM (closed 12:30-1:30)

1st Saturday of the month – 8AM-11AM

Closed Thursdays and Sundays

Recycling is Mandatory at the Transfer Station


The Bartlett Jackson Transfer Station Committee would like to remind residents and commercial businesses in the Towns of Bartlett and Jackson that recycling is mandatory at the Transfer Station. The list of the recycled items is elsewhere on this website under the Transfer Station tab. Recently, there seems to have been some confusion on who should recycle and who doesn’t need to. The answer is simple – EVERYONE NEEDS TO RECYCLE IF THEY ARE USING THE BARTLETT JACKSON TRANSFER STATION.

If you do not want to recycle, then you will need to make other arrangements through private haulers for the disposal of your trash.  If you have any questions, the attendants can assist you.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter!

Bartlett Jackson Transfer Station Committee