Winter Regulations and Snow Plowing Info

Residents often think that their road has been missed in the plowing cycle during storms. We assure you that the plow drivers know their routes. When school is in session, the bus routes are first on the list of things to do. When rain or freezing rain is predicted to follow snow, the roads are not plowed in order to leave a layer of snow to absorb the rain. If they plow prior to predicted freezing rain, it freezes on the road and the sand and salt will not stick to the surface due to the road temperature. After the freezing rain stops, then the road will be plowed.   Another possible cause of a delay is that a truck is broken down and another driver has to cover the route.  Please be careful and stay off the roads if possible to allow the drivers to plow safely.  Your patience and understanding is appreciated.

Please note that the Town of Bartlett parking ban is in effect that prohibits parking in any town road or right-of-way. This ban is on 24 hours a day seven days a week between Nov. 1 and May 1 whether it is storming or not as the highway department does clean up and push back as well as the plowing during storms. Violators will be ticketed and possibly towed at the owners expense. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter so that we can keep our roads safe and clear during the winter.

Also please remember that you are NOT allowed to plow into or across a town road.  This causes ridges and ruts in the roads and is potentially dangerous to our plow drivers.  Snow plowing must be accomplished on your own property.  If you should accidentally deposit snow in the town road, please clean it up as much as possible.

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